Strava is the world’s most popular cycling app and, according to Fast Company,
one of “The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Fitness”.
They have an awesome and amazingly dedicated community,
and they wanted to celebrate that. To say “thanks for taking us on your ride”.
Our brief was to make an anthem film fit for that purpose,
and to introduce a notion of their new service: Strava Local, a local guide to key cycling cities.
When we spoke with cyclists from different parts of the world,
we were struck by the deeply ritualistic nature of the sport - wherever people ride.
We came up with the film concept of ‘rituals’: a thread for their main film,
and a way to work with local cycle clubs to show the difference and texture in their rides.
We collaborated with Strava’s international team to build a treatment
and story outline based on the realities of cycling in different countries.
From that came a series of short ‘rituals’ films, small observations
designed to spark more conversation in their community.
Big kudos to Thibaut - the brilliant young director who took
it from there and did all the rest! 




Creative concept


Able & Baker - Production
Thibaut Grevet - Director
Guy Bingley - Creative concept