Nike+ FuelStation

Boxpark, Shoreditch


When a pop-up mall constructed from 60 Black Sea shipping
containers opened in Shoreditch, East London,
Nike were one of the first to set up shop.

Our focus was to create a centrepiece for the launch of this
new space which made a spectacle of the new Nike+ FuelBand
and helped people understand how it worked.

The Nike+ FuelBand display has 14 LED gradient lights
which indicate how active the wearer has been that day.

Red is the least active, and green means they’ve
hit their daily activity goal.

That colour logic inspired our installation.

With a Microsoft Kinect hack and discreet black glass panels,
customers would discover a surprise when they stepped into one
of the containers: a 3D LED particle mirror of their body. 






Concept / Creative Direction / Design



Masaya Nakade - Creative Director
Guy Bingley - Senior Copywriter



Onformative - Installation
VM & Retail Interior - Millington Associates
Us - Film Direction