Free and fair elections depend on people having access to the information they need. 

In recent times, all around the world, these sources of information have been the targets of digital attacks. It’s become cheaper and easier to overwhelm a website with traffic and censor "inconvenient” news, or to hack into journalists’ accounts and silence their work.  

Google partnered with think tank Jigsaw to work on mitigating these risks for journalists, human rights groups and electoral monitoring sites. 

The result was Protect Your Election, a suite of tools that help protect free speech and access to information when it’s needed most. 

In close collaboration with Jigsaw and Google’s team, we developed the messaging for Protect Your Election, the core website and a promotional film to speak with journalists and highlight the issue. 

In the short time the initiative’s been live, it’s already helped protect one of the Netherlands’s leading election sites during the Dutch election and received positive coverage from Wired, Fast Company and the New York Times - helping more independent outlets be heard.