Facebook Live is a big, important product for the world’s biggest social network.  

But although most people are familiar with it - from live music or event broadcasts - they might not know what it really is, how to use it, or if it’s something for them. 

We worked with Facebook’s in-house creative team, The Factory, on a campaign to get people more aware and emboldened to give Facebook Live a try for themselves. 

All of the footage for the campaign was shot using Facebook Live. First, starting with simple “3, 2, 1” spots that showcased some of the fun, spontaneous things people are already doing with the product. Next, some playful ‘tutorial’ spots aired to frame up more of a step-by-step of how to go Live. 

We wrote some original tutorial scripts for the global campaign and collaborated closely with the team on all the details for the UK market: from footage, animation elements, copy, SFX to helping source and cast more unconventional VO talent. 

We also consulted on contextual outdoor ads - one of our favourites asks people to describe the “flavour nuances” of their food as their waiting for a bus by the best kebab shop in London.