19th Century Innovation for today



Since 1842, Fabergé has delighted some of the world’s most refined clientele with its creations.
Carl Fabergé was especially inventive with his hidden surprises and personalised gifts at Easter.
We wanted to capture that spirit for Fabergé’s takeover at Harrods.

Fabergé commissioned us to create a trompe l’oiel for their centrepiece window installation.
In collaboration with Physical Pixels and Millington Associates, we engineered three over-sized thaumatropes -
a popular Victorian toy, normally hand-twirled, that blends two images into a simple animation. 

In-store, we refashioned a period dressing table with an iPad concealed in place of the mirror.
At this dressing table, guests could make their own thaumatrope portrait:
a fleeting illusion with one of Fabergé’s treasures. 



Concept / Creative Direction / Design



Guy Bingley - Creative Director



Rhizomatiks - iPad app
Physical Pixels - Window display
Millingtons Associates - Dresser fabrication
Nabil Nezzar - Illustrator
Golden Wolf - animation
Candy Black - Film